Watch: Biden Admin Is So Out Of Touch Even Jake Tapper Didn’t Know How To Respond


The Biden administration is so out of touch that even CNN’s Jake Tapper didn’t know how to respond to Joe’s Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo.

“As recently as six months ago, you were calling inflation ‘a short-term problem, not a long-term problem,’” Tapper said.

“I still think we will get inflation under control, we just have to stick with it,” Raimondo responded.

I’m sorry what? That’s it?

So we are going to “stick with it” and hope it goes away. That didn’t work for the baby formula shortage and that isn’t going to work now.


You could tell Tapper was sort of taken aback by the answers and engaged in some random acts of journalism. Let’s be real he knows the company is under new ownership and he’s trying to keep his job.

It’s no wonder Raimondo sounds like a moron because Joe’s head is in the clouds as well.

It’s no wonder Biden is toxic.


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