Watch: Biden Admin Extravagant Success ‘Claim’ Shows How Ludicrous They’ve Become


Apparently, Biden, his administration, and the Democratic party have magical powers.

They can control the weather.

Aside from the devastation from hurricane Ian, the 2022 hurricane season has been mild, and the White House is taking credit for it.

During a recent press briefing, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told a whopper.

The claim was made after a reporter questioned the President celebrating after continued bad economic news.

“Now, on inflation, one more if I could.  Americans are making tough choices related to inflation.  And last week, they saw the President do the celebration during the Inflation Reduction Act, when core inflation rose for the first time in five months on that day,” a reporter said. “This week there’s another celebration 48 hours after the Fed Chairman said there’ll be more economic pain.  Is that optics of those two celebrations insensitive to what Americans are going through?”

“So, the President has always in — when he talks about the economy, has made clear to understand what the American families are going through, what the American people are going through.  He understands that the economy and inflation in particular, high cost, is — is giving some pain, to your point, to Americans. ”

She then went on to tout the Inflation Reduction Act and discuss extreme weather.

(We added the emphasis to highlight the administration’s claim.)

“As we are talking about extreme weather, I’ve gotten multiple questions on Puerto Rico and what the people — people of Puerto Rico, our brothers and sisters, are going through; what may happen in this hurricane season.  A lot of that is — is going to be helped by the work that this President has done — Bipartisan Infrastructure Law; again, the Inflation Reduction Act,” KJP said.

Note she never answered the question about why Biden is celebrating economic growth as the stock market crumbles. 

In other words, if the hurricane season stays mild, it was because of Biden.





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