Watch: Another Humiliating Moment, Biden Greets Someone Who Isn’t There


Not only does Biden have a hard time speaking he appears to be hallucinating as well.

The President humiliated himself once again after he completed a speech in North Carolina to push for his Innovation Act.

As Biden wrapped up his remarks he turned to his right and held out his hand as if he was going to shake another person’s hand. He briefly paused and when he realized that no one was within six feet of him made a beeline for the exit.

Biden used the speech to try and rewrite the facts about inflation.

The President also started spouting misinformation.

At one point Biden began begging the audience to clap for him.

The President has also created another false story about himself.

Biden is the perfect representation of the Democrat party. An incompetent mess that has no idea what is going on in the real world.



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