VIDEO: Swing State Mom Sends A Message Democrats & They Aren’t Happy About It


In the swing state of Pennsylvania, the governor’s office and senate races will be close.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano is closing the gap against Democrat candidate Josh Shapiro.

Recently, Mastriano pointed out that while as the States Attorney General, he sued to keep businesses closed and masks on kids.

“When the shutdown happened, Josh Shapiro sued to keep the businesses shut down,” Mastriano said on a conservative online broadcast show Thursday. “When the shutdown happened, he kept the kids masked up in a lawsuit.”

Part of what has Shapiro in hot water is a lawsuit he filed in November of 2021. Shortly before kids went back to school in 2021, Governor Wolf announced that he would let local officials decide if kids should wear masks. However, Biden was taking a beating from Ron DeSantis in the press and Wolf bowed to the White House and reversed his decision.

It caused an uproar, parents were furious, sued, and defeated the mask mandate imposed by the governor in early November 2021.

From WGAL:

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, on behalf of the Department of Health, has filed an emergency application in the state’s Supreme Court to keep the school mask mandate in effect.

Earlier this month commonwealth court ruled the health secretary did not have the authority to order the school mask mandate when she did, but agreed to keep the order in place until Dec. 4, 2021.

Now, the state is asking a higher court to step in and keep the order in place beyond that date.

In the filing, the state argues:

“The reinstatement of (the stay) is needed to protect the health and lives of Pennsylvania’s school children and their families and to prevent schools in the Commonwealth from becoming COVID-19 super-spreader sites in the run-up to the winter holiday season when many people travel.”

In the end, Shapiro failed in court and the mask mandate was never brought up again.

Parents haven’t forgotten, and during a segment on Fox News, a conservative momma gave Shapiro some very bad news.


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