VIDEO: RINOs Lose It As They Realize They Are About To Disappear


In a normal political atmosphere being an incumbent when up for re-election is incredibly favorable but not anymore.

Americans are sick and tired of the political games being played and RINOs are starting to realize they are about to go extinct.

For example, Rep. Tom Rice (R-SC) is in denial that he is going to lose the Republican primary in his district and is forecasting things that will never happen.

Rice told ABC News that he may not support McCarthy as Speaker of the House and feel Rep. Liz Cheney would be a “great” Speaker.

Neither of the two congressmen has a prayer to hold another term in office. Cheyney is currently polling 30 points behind her challenger and Rice isn’t doing much better.


A recent poll found that Rice is losing by double digits to South Carolina state Rep. Russell Fry:

South Carolina state Rep. Russell Fry has a double-digit lead on Rep. Tom Rice (R-SC) in one poll as the embattled incumbent campaigns to keep his congressional district, which spans from Grand Strand to Pee Dee, after voting to impeach then-President Donald Trump.

More than two-fifths (42%) of likely Republican primary voters would support Trump-endorsed Fry, a former South Carolina General Assembly majority chief whip, if the June 14 election were held today, according to a Trafalgar Group ballot test of the state’s 7th District published on Wednesday.

The RINOs are in the same amount of denial as President Joe Biden.



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