Video: MSNBC Panics! Cuts Feed When Joe’s Brain Turns Into Scrambled Eggs


MSNBC cut away from Joe Biden’s speech in Scranton, Pennsylvania just as his brain turned into scrambled eggs.

Biden traveled to his hometown of Scranton to try an gain support for his Build, Back, Better Bill that even members of his own party don’t like.

Once again, the president told one of his debunked stories but this time added to the tale.

As Joe loves to remind us, he rode Amtrak and he wants you to know that during his eight years as Vice President he road it for 36 years. Yes you read that right just watch the video below:

Biden then told the already debunked story about him riding two million miles with Amtrak.

That was when MSNBC decided to cut the feed because they had no idea what was going to come out of his mouth.

They definitely didn’t want people hearing that Biden is going ban cars.

He’s also making up words again that have no meaning…

It’s no surprise that Joe biden’s approval rating continues to drop, there seems to be no bottom to the presidents approval rating.


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