VIDEO: Libs Gnash Their Teeth After DeSantis Cracks A Joke Because Deep Down They Know It’s True


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was asked to comment about a remark from Elon Musk, and his response had liberals fuming.

DeSantis was asked about Musk’s comment that he would support the Florida governor if he were a presidential candidate in 2024.

Quickly, DeSantis said that he is only “focused on 2022.”

Then, in perfect DeSantis fashion, he smirked and cracked a joke that drove liberals nuts.
“But with Elon Musk, what I would say is, I welcome support from African Americans, what can I say?” he added.

Musk is from Pretoria, South Africa.

The left was already calling Musk evil fascists because he announced that he voted for a Republican newcomer who flipped a Texas blue district red.

“Massive red wave in 2022,” he added.

What triggered the left is that they know that both Musk and DeSantis are right. Musk is a center-left moderate who openly supports Republicans because the Democrats have gone woke.

Squad member Rep. Jamaal Bowman flipped out.

“Elon Musk is not a leader. He’s just another Republican billionaire who supports white supremacy and authoritarianism because he doesn’t want his workers to unionize or to pay his fair share in taxes,” he wrote. “The GOP just tried to end democracy and now he’s supporting them.”

Bowman wasn’t the only leftist who was angry.


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