Video: Glenn Beck Nails Precisely What Biden Is Really Up To, ‘The Left Is Creating A…


Conservative radio host and commentator Glenn Beck nailed what Biden is up to and why the United States economy is being driven into the ground.

Beck said, “The inflation crisis won’t stop at gas. Your food depends on oil as well. Between ESG and Biden’s policies, the Left is creating a national emergency, which as we all learned from COVID, would mean all kinds of fun things can happen.”

If the markets crash it would allow Biden to issue all sorts of executive orders and we could end up in the same mess we did during COVID.

Beck warned about what was going on in New England because of fuel costs. Fishermen are beginning to consider if it’s worth fishing because of the wholesale market.

Captain James Keding, a commercial fisherman is paying $6.40 a gallon, reporting he’s forced to eat the cost.

“The buyers set the price for the product, no matter what product is coming out of the ocean,” he said.

American farmers are having the same problem, they need diesel to produce food and it’s marching to almost $7 a gallon. Meanwhile, Biden is in Korea admitting he wants to wipe out the oil industry and force America to go electric.

Others agree with Beck that what Biden is doing is intentional.


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