VIDEO: Biden Utters Six Words That Will Be His Moment Of Reckoning


On July 25, 2022, Biden remotely and briefly spoke with the press by taking a couple of questions.

Fox News Peter Doocy asked Biden about the looming GDP numbers that will be released on Thursday and if he was worried about a recession. That was when the president uttered six words that will be his reckoning.

“We’re not going into a recession,” he said.

The administration has already started USSR-level propaganda to avoid economic backlash and redefined the word “recession.”

The GDP report is expected to show the second consecutive quarter of negative growth, which means the US is in a recession. However, the White House Council of Economic Advisers just claimed that is no longer the case.

The people who said inflation was transitory now claim we aren’t in a recession.

The Biden administration is already going full bore with the talking point.

During a press briefing, the White House was asked if they would clear things up and define what a recession is, but they refused.

Grabian News head Tom Elliot warned that soon fact-checkers and social media companies will start censoring users because of the new White House definition.


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