VIDEO: Biden Makes More Troubling Statements That Causes Staffers To Panic


It’s not just staffers shaking their heads in disgust, most of America is as well.

President Biden traveled to Asia and stuck his foot in his mouth as often as he and when he returned things didn’t get much better.

While in South Korea, Joe ranted against Americans struggling with high fuel costs claiming we should stop complaining and purchase electric cars.

Biden was then asked about the news that North Korea has a new ballistic missile system and the threat it poses to the region. A reporter asked Biden what “message for Kim Jong-un while you’re here?”

“Hello, period,” Biden said.

That was it.

Things have intensified in the region after Biden left when North Korea fired three ballistic missiles in less than an hour.

Japanese defense officials said that the launches are “not acceptable” and that they “threaten the peace, stability and safety of Japan and the international community.”

North Korea purposely humiliated Joe Biden who was visibly weak.

Each month North Korea continues to get hostile and officials in Asia are wondering what would come next and if they are preparing to begin nuclear tests.

Should North Korea begin nuclear testing it would be a symbol of the Biden administration’s weakness because it would be their first test since their dust-up with the Trump administration.

When the president arrived home he continued to folly and instead of uniting the country in response to the horrific Texas shooting he divided.

At one point he almost started yelling, “when are we going to stand up to the gun lobby.”




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