VIDEO: Biden Freezes In Fear Over Food Shortages Question, ‘When Will Americans Get…


President Joe “the buck stops with me” Biden froze in fear when he was asked about food shortages.

A few months ago, Joe had just returned to Washington and was asked about skyrocketing food prices. Instead of finding a solution he blamed the meat industry that is highly regulated by the federal government.

“Four big corporations control more than half the markets in beef, pork & poultry. These middlemen, that they buy from, farmers & ranchers, & sell the processors. Excuse me sell the process — excuse me sell the processed product, to grocery stores. That’s the way it works,” Biden said.

Then Biden who has probably bought more hookers for Hunter Biden than purchased groceries for himself tried to explain meat prices.

After making the alarming claims the press began to ask questions but Joe just sat there clueless.

On June 29, 2022 the federal reserve started blaming unvaccinated Americans for inflation.

It was the unvaccinated Americans who opposed lockdowns that kept the country going while blue state Karens hid in their homes triple masked.


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