VIDEO: Amber Heard Slips Up During Court Meltdown


For the most part, Amber Heard has tried to stick to script during her trial with Johnny Depp but during cross-examination, she was unable to keep it together.

Johnny Depp is suing his ex-wife over an op-ed she “wrote” – the ACLU ghostwrote it – that was published in the Washington Post about domestic violence. Depp claims that the allegations written in the piece were false and that they ruined his career.

Heard started to unravel during a testy exchange with Depp’s lawyer Camille Vasquez, when Heard’s lawyer tried to step in and was overruled things got messy and Amber ran out of the courtroom.

“You can have a seat next to your attorney, okay?” the judge softly told Heard. “You can go have a seat next to her, that’s fine.”

Ignoring the judge Heard stormed out like a toddler that didn’t get their way.

Heard slipped up and showed the jury who she really was.


Heard’s emotion got the best of her when Vasquez played audio of a fight she had with Depp and explained why her ex-husband won’t look her in the eye.

“He won’t look at you, right?” Vasquez asked Heard during the first hour of cross-examination.

“You know exactly why Mr. Depp won’t look at you,” Vasquez pressed. “He promised you he would never see your eyes again, is that true?”

“I don’t recall that,” Heard responded, before Depp’s team played the 2016 audio clip for the court.

“Please, I just want to hug you and say bye,” Heard begs Depp on the audio.

“I am nothing to you, and I will always be nothing to you,” Depp shot back. “You will not see my eyes again.”

Depp’s attorney also played a recording of Heard begging Depp to stay and have a “normal fight.”

Heard’s anger also grew when Vasquez brought up the allegations that she assaulted her former lover Tasya van Ree in 2009. Depp’s lawyer was referring to an incident when two police officers witnessed Heard allegedly strike van Ree and rip off her necklace.

“Johnny Depp isn’t the only partner of yours that you’ve assaulted,’ Vasquez said.

“I’ve never assaulted any partner,” Heard insisted. “I’ve never assaulted Mr. Depp or any other person I was romantically linked to, ever.”

After Heard stormed out courtroom observers began laughing.


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