Vax Data Disappears: If First You Don’t Succeed Delete The Numbers


President Biden received four doses of the mRNA vaccine and has once again tested positive for COVID. The jab that was initially promised to save humanity has failed, and now world governments are hiding the data.

Until late July 20222, health officials in the province of British Columbia provided a breakdown of COVID deaths and hospitalizations by vaccine status. The donut charts below showed if a person was unvaccinated, boosted, or vaccinated.

In all of British Columbia’s 5.3 million people, about 70% have received at least two doses of the mRNA vaccine and 70 percent of all COVID deaths occur in the boosted people population.

Since the data wasn’t what they hoped for, British Columbia announced that they would no longer be making the vaccine data public.

“As of July 28, the Outcomes by Vax and Vax Donut Charts have been retired,” a notice on the Centre for Disease Control Website said.

When a Canadian television network asked why they deleted the chart, the government would have made Orwell proud.

Oh, and if you wanted to find those charts in the internet archives, don’t bother. The government appears to have had them wiped clean.

“As most of the population has now been vaccinated with at least two doses of vaccine and many more have been infected with COVID-19, the data became hard to interpret.”

Independent Journalist Alex Berenson -who took on Twitter and won – has also reported that a new Dutch paper shows that a higher use of COVID mRNA shots “correlates with a small but notable increase in all-cause mortality.”

Berenson wrote:

The paper found a “vaccination-correlated mortality rate” of about 5 percent of total mortality, meaning that 5 percent of deaths were skewed in patterns that reflected vaccination rates.

As the paper explains, the pattern does not prove that vaccinations actually caused those deaths, merely that the correlation exists. Still, since last summer, highly vaccinated countries have generally posted non-Covid death increases of 5 to 10 percent, the 5 percent figure is far from implausible.

A 5 percent increase in deaths may seem small, but by historical standards it is a huge annual change. It would translate into almost 175,000 extra deaths annually in the United States and more in Europe.

It wouldn’t be a shock that all of the data surrounding the mRNA vaccines “mysteriously” disappears in a couple of years.



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