UPS & FedEx Sued By Uvalde Families – This Is BAD NEWS


UVALDE, Texas – Families in Uvalde are pursuing additional legal action in the aftermath of the tragic school shooting, this time targeting FedEx and UPS.

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The families allege that the companies played a role in the incident by facilitating the shipment of weapons to the shooter.

The lawsuit claims that FedEx shipped the AR-15 style rifle used by the shooter during his rampage. According to the allegations, the shooter purchased the weapon online, and FedEx delivered it to a gun store in Uvalde, where he subsequently picked it up.

Additionally, the suit accuses UPS of aiding in the illegal sale and delivery of the trigger system that the shooter utilized. The families assert that FedEx failed to verify the buyer’s age before shipping the weapon and that UPS neglected to screen the package prior to shipment.


What does this mean to you?  Glad you asked, check out our Buddy Jared Yanis’s channel, and he’ll explain this to you.

This leaves us with the question.  Will this cause these 2 handlers to STOP shipping firearms?



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