Unfortunately, One of President Trump’s Predictions Has Come To Pass (VIDEO)


It’s unfortunate, this could have been avoided.

Former President Trump tried to warn the country but they didn’t like his tweets and sent him away. Now, one of his most dire predictions is coming true.

“It’s an incredible thing that’s happened over the last few years, a lot of great things,” said Trump. “And you’re paying, what, $2 a gallon for your gasoline? That’s okay.”

“You know what that’s like?” he said. “That’s like a tax cut. That’s bigger than a tax cut. If Biden got in, you’d be paying $7, $8, $9. Then they’d say, ‘Get rid of your car.’”

The national average for the price of a gallon of gasoline is $5 and areas outside of California are already hitting $6 a gallon.

Breitbart News reported shortly before the national average hit $5:

No state in the nation is seeing an average price below $4.00, and several states have an average of $5.00 or more. Those states now include Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Hawaii, Alaska, and California, the last of which has the highest gas price average in the nation — $6.341, which is more than $1.47 higher than the average price nationwide. San Francisco County, for instance, is seeing an average of $6.590 per gallon. Mono County is experiencing the highest gas price average in the country, with prices soaring over $7.00, standing at $7.044.

On top of that, they are now telling us to get rid of our cars and buy expensive $55,000 ones.

According to AAA Americans are putting up with the high prices.

“People are still fueling up, despite these high prices,” AAA spokesperson Andrew Gross said in a statement. “At some point, drivers may change their daily driving habits or lifestyle due to these high prices, but we are not there yet.”

However, many Americans seem to already be at their breaking point.


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