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(Ken Silva, Headline USA) The Guardian reported this week that Ukraine asked its “Western allies”—i.e., the United States—to bomb Iran and Syria, where factories manufacturing drones for Russia are located.

Citing a document Kiev submitted to the G7 in August, The Guardian reported that Iranian kamikaze drones have been used in the recent attacks on Ukrainian cities.  Iran has diversified its production through a Syrian factory, according to the report, which focused on how the Russian drones also have Western parts.

According to the Kiev document, Ukraine suggested that its Western allies conduct “missile strikes on the production plants of these UAVs in Iran, Syria, as well as on a potential production site in the Russian federation.”

The document further stated: “The above may be carried out by the Ukrainian defence forces if partners provide the necessary means of destruction.”

Such actions would mark the beginning of World War 3. Luckily for those who don’t want this, The Guardian reported that the West would “probably baulk” at Ukraine’s suggestions.

However, conflict between the West and Russia and its allies has still been increasing in recent years.

As’s Dave DeCamp noted, Israel has frequently launched airstrikes in Syria and covert attacks inside Iran—though that’s been happening long before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Ukraine has also conducted numerous drone strikes on Russian territory since Russia’s invasion in Feburary 2022.

In May, Ukraine reportedly tried to assassinate Vladimir Putin with a drone attack on the Kremlin.

Russia’s government reportedly called the attack an act of terrorism, and said it reserves the right to retaliate “anywhere and anytime it deems necessary.”

“We consider this a preplanned terrorist action and an attempt against the Russian president,” the Kremlin said at the time, according to Russia Today. The incident happened “ahead of Victory Day and the parade on May 9, when foreign guests plan to be present.”

May 9 is the date Nazi Germany was officially defeated in 1945.

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