Tucker Carlson Says 2024 Won’t Be Trump vs. Biden – The Conservative


It is likely that the general election will not be between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, which Tucker Carlson predicted on Thursday – and he may well be correct.

During a speech at an Intercollegiate Studies Institute event in Wilmington, Delaware, Carlson commented that Biden is “senile,” stating that he did not mean to be unkind but that it was simply the truth.

Despite Democratic prosecutors indicting Trump on 91 felony counts, Carlson noted that Biden is currently behind in the polls compared to Trump.

“They’ve done everything they can by legal means — which are in fact extra-legal means if we’re being totally honest, completely Third World stuff — to take the opponent out of the race, and they’re still losing,” he said.

“This is not going to be a race between Joe Biden and Donald Trump,” Carlson proclaimed.

He threw in as a sidenote: “By the way, if it’s [California Gov.] Gavin Newsom, we all should be very, very concerned. That guy’s scary and I mean it.”

“These issues will be forced soon. … The road from here to November of 2024 is going to be filled with developments nobody in this room could foresee. I can promise you that,” Carlson said.

“So it’s about to get very serious. … Everything is at stake,” he added, as the nation is engaged in a spiritual battle.

The commentator elaborated on this point in a speech to The Heritage Foundation in April days before he was fired from Fox News.

Carlson indicated that the Democratic Party’s extreme views on abortion and transgender surgeries for minors, which make no logical sense, are in fact part of a spiritual battle.

In June, Hugh Hewitt – a radio talk show host and former member of the Reagan administration – predicted that Joe Biden would not be the Democratic nominee for president, claiming he would step down before the primary election season.

Hewitt compared this to 1968, when President Lyndon Johnson, after…



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