Tucker Carlson Challenge Causes Punk RINO Congressman To Fold Like A Deck Of Cards


Rep. Adam Kinzinger is a tool.

He worked with the Democrats to impeach former-President Trump, he sits next to Liz Cheyney on the January 6th commission, and he is used by the regime to attack conservatives.

Since Russia has invaded Ukraine he has been pushing for war with Belarus and Russia.

Kinzinger has been ranting that Fox News host Tucker Carlson is a Russian spy spreading misinformation about the crisis in Eastern Europe. Never one to shy away from a battle Carlson invited Kinzinger on his show to defend his position.

Well, Kiniznger wouldn’t do it.

“Tucker Carlson invited me on his show tonight, but that’s not going to happen…ever. While he echoes Putin’s lies, I’ll remain focused on supporting the Ukrainian people,” Kiniznger wrote.

Kinizinger is a coward.

Many people have their opinions on what should be done in Eastern Europe and Tucker has taken a very isolationist approach. But that doesn’t give people like Kinzinger the thumbs up to claim people who disagree with him are committing treason.

The American people are right to be cautious and have a healthy debate. But Kinzinger is just your typical weak member of the establishment. The soon to be unemployed Illinois Congressman will rant on MSNBC but when Tucker gives him a call he folds like a deck of cards.

Kinzinger refused to on Carlson’s show because he doesn’t have his own ideas and is just pushing out talking points.

Oh, and for his service to the regime, he’s lost his seat. Kinzinger’s seat was eliminated after Illinois Democrats gerrymandered congressional districts.


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