Trump Was Right: Daunting Warning Comes True, Now They Want To Take Away Your Car


Former President Trump tried to warn Americans in October of 2020 while on the campaign trail.

“He’s going to end fracking, you know that,” Trump told Fox News Maria Bartiromo during an interview Sunday. “He’s going to end petroleum products even though that’s going to put us at a tremendous disadvantage…not even disadvantage, we wouldn’t be able to compete with the world. Now, instead of $2 gasoline you’re going to be paying $6 gasoline. He wants to take cars away from people. The whole thing is insane, OK, it’s insane.”

As usual, he was mocked and ridiculed in the press.

Almost two years later, Trump’s warning is coming to pass.

Biden’s global overlords published a paper last week calling for an end to private vehicle ownership.

From Human Events:

The World Economic Forum (WEF) published a paper last week calling for the end of “wasteful” private car ownership. The WEF argued that communal sharing of cars would lessen global demands for precious metals and fossil fuels.

The WEF’s July 18 paper titled “3 circular economy approaches to reduce demand for critical metals” began by saying, “We need a clean energy revolution, and we need it now.”

The article continued, “But this transition from fossil fuels to renewables will need large supplies of critical metals such as cobalt, lithium, nickel, to name a few. Shortages of these critical minerals could raise the costs of clean energy technologies.”

The WEF argued for people to sell their cars, walk or share vehicles because “Car sharing platforms such as Getaround and BlueSG have already seized that opportunity to offer vehicles where you pay per hour used.”

However, the organization which promotes the “Great Reset” did not stop there and went on to say that this theory can be applied to everything from cars to private homes.

Trump tried to warn us, but people didn’t listen because they didn’t like his “mean Tweets.”


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