Trump Thinks He May Win NYC


(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) Donald Trump recently claimed that he has a “good chance of winning” in New York City, one of the most infamous far-left cities in the entire country.

On Apr. 25, 2024, before walking into his business records trial, Trump stuck to campaign messaging by announcing that he plans to hold historic rallies in the Bronx and at Madison Square Garden, Breitbart reported.

The news source also reported that the last time the Bronx was the center of a Republican presidential campaign was in 1984 when Ronald Reagan won by a landslide.

“I think we have a good chance of winning here and we’re gonna give it a big plan. We’re going to the South Bronx to do a rally. We’re going to be doing a rally at Madison Square Garden, we believe,” he said.

The focus of the rallies will be police officers, firemen and teachers.

“We’ll be honoring the people that make New York work. It’ll be very exciting, but we think we have a really good chance of winning,” Trump said.

He also attacked Joe Biden’s bad economy, wide open borders and the anti-Israel protests around America’s far-left colleges and universities.

“[Police] would like to be at the colleges” to secure the campuses “because what’s happening at the colleges is a disgrace,” he said.

Trump also compared the police guarding the Manhattan courthouse and the college campuses.

“This courthouse is locked down and there’s not a person within five blocks. They have more police here,” he said.

Trump then continued talking about the horrible state of the United States under Biden.

“This is the worst-run country right now. All you have to do is look at the millions of people coming in from prisons, from mental institutions — coming in at levels we’ve never seen before,” he said.



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