Trump Response To 1/6 Commission Vote Shows Dems Are About To Learn Be Careful What You Wish For Because You Might Get It


The 1/6 Committee voted to subpoena former President Donald Trump to take questions under oath. The nine-member committee, made up of seven Democrats and two RINOs voted unanimously to haul in Trump.

Fox News reported that former President Trump said he would love to testify before the committee.

From Fox News:

Former President Donald Trump “loves the idea of testifying” before the House select committee investigating January 6th, a source close to Trump told Fox News Digital just after the panel unanimously voted to subpoena him.

The source said that if Trump complied with the subpoena and testified, he would “talk about how corrupt the election was, how corrupt the committee was, and how Nancy Pelosi did not call up the National Guard that Trump strongly recommended for her to do three days earlier on January 3, 2021.”

The source told Fox News Digital that it is unclear at this point if Trump actually will testify before the committee, but stressed that Trump “loves the idea.”

During an interview with Fox Digital on October 13, 2022, Trump said, “The committee is a hoax, a sham, a partisan witch hunt which is a continuation of the witch hunt that has gone on since the great day for our country that I came down the golden escalator with our future first lady. They have no case, they have no ratings, so they have to try to do this to get publicity.”

“They didn’t cover the reason for January 6 — the largest crowd — it wasn’t set up by me,” Trump added. “The committee didn’t cover election fraud, which was massive, and they didn’t cover why Pelosi didn’t call the National Guard.”

It’s no coincidence that the Democrats are hauling in Trump because they don’t want the Biden economy in the news until after the midterms.

We’ve seen the Democrats in action, this is about to be a prime example of “be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.”

Fox News


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