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(Molly Bruns, Headline USA) A political-action committee supporting presumtive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump alarmed some of his supporters on Monday with an April Fool’s Day email announcing the suspension of his campaign, according to The Independent.

The message from the Trump Save America Joint Fundraising Committee arrived in inboxes via email or text in with the subject line “I’m suspending my campaign….”

However, upon clicking through on it, users found April Fool’s greetings from the former president: “DID YOU REALLY THINK I’D SUSPEND MY CAMPAIGN?” it said.

It went on to reassure concerned supporters that it was just a joke and issued a promise that was evocative of the “Never Surrender!” slogan on Trump’s now iconic mugshot merchandise.

“I will never stop fighting for the American people,” said the message. “I will never surrender!”

It also requested campaign donations, which seemed particularly apropos on Monday after shares of his DJT stock—the now-public, Trump-fronted media company that includes Truth Social—fell back down to earth following a frenzied buyup last week.

It is unlikely that Trump’s April Fool’s prank was connected with the stock plunge, which coincided with a less-than-bullish financial report on the company’s earnings history.

At the close of Tuesday, they had regained some of their earlier footing, but nothing like the price last Friday, when shares selling for nearly $75 apiece briefly sent Trump soaring up the Forbes 500 list of the world’s wealthiest people.

While reactions to Trump’s prank were mixed, most seemed to view it as another display of the GOP leader’s wry—if somewhat sardonic—sense of humor, a refreshing antidote to the farcical absurdity of the Biden administration.

Users on Twitter harkened back to a previous speech by Trump, where he said “every day is April Fools’ Day” in an America that seems to have its fundamental priorities backwards.

“Listen to this… we have open borders, when they should be closed–it’s April Fools’ Day,” he said.

“We have prisoners, people from mental institutions and terrorists being dumped into our country when they should not be accepted—April Fools’ Day!” he continued. “Who would do that—who would do this?!”

Several other corporations and public figures joined in on the April Fool’s fun; Krispy Kreme, paint maker Dulux, Duolingo, Aldi and Honda all posted charming jokes to their social media.

The levity was a welcome relief in what has been a tense election season thus far, with Democrats building their campaign around the deeply divisive idea that their opponents and critics—Trump especially—constitute a threat to democracy itself.

The most recent polls predict a tight race leading up to the Nov. 5 election, with Biden trailing behind Trump in multiple demographics.

Biden, however, has a considerable cash advantage due to his support among billionaire elites and his lack of costly lawfare attacks to pay for.

Last week, he closed down much of New York City while hosting a high-dollar fundraiser with former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama that pulled in an estimated $26 million.

Headline USA’s Ben Sellers contributed to this report.



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