Trump Is ‘OK’ w/ Merchan Sending Him to Jail



In a June 2, 2024, morning interview, Donald Trump was asked about the possibility of being sentenced to jail time when he faces Judge Juan Merchan on July 11, 2024, for his arraignment.

“I’m okay with it,” Trump responded.


During the interview with Rachel Campos-Duffy, Pete Hegseth and Will Cain, Trump was asked by Hegseth about the timing of the arraignment, which is only four days before the Republican National Convention is scheduled to begin in Milwaukee, Wisc., where Trump will be officially nominated to be the party’s presidential candidate, the Post Millennial reported.

“That’s part of the game,” Trump said.

Hegseth also said that it has been suggested that Trump could “appeal directly to the Supreme Court due to the special nature of this case,” while adding that “when it comes to the legal maze that [Trump is] still facing… the judge could decide to say ‘hey, house arrest, or even jail.’”

“I’m okay with it. I saw one of my lawyers on television the other day saying ‘Oh no, you don’t want to do that to the president.’ You don’t beg for anything, that’s just the way it is,” Trump responded.

The news source reported that Trump was convicted on 34 class E felony counts of the falsification of business records in a New York City courtroom on May 30, 2024, for having recorded payments to his then-attorney Michael Cohen as legal fees in bookkeeping records.

According to corrupt Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, that was election interference, adding that Trump would not have won the 2016 election without the payments made by Cohen to Stormy Daniels.

Each count could bring a sentence of four years in prison, with Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams saying that the far-left city’s incarceration facilities have already started considering how to imprison Trump, who brings with him a Secret Service detail.



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