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Former President Donald Trump has submitted an appeal challenging a decision that revoked his immunity from prosecution in relation to the January 6th protests.

This legal maneuver will likely halt any further proceedings of the election interference case brought by special counsel Jack Smith.

The abrupt development has presented Smith and his team with a difficult challenge, as they had just set a trial date for March 4th.

Now, it is very likely that Smith will be forced to delay the trial.

Time is of the essence as delaying the trial until closer to the election could have dire consequences. Furthermore, this appeal may even result in all charges against Trump being dropped entirely.

Smith faces a difficult challenge in securing a conviction against Trump before the 2024 presidential election.

Trump and his legal team have employed a strategy of delay to counteract Smith’s indictments, so time is of the essence if a conviction is to be achieved.

With Trump far outstripping his Republican competitors for the nomination and leading President Joe Biden in key swing states, many believe that he will win re-election in November 2021.

Consequently, it seems unlikely that Smith will obtain a conviction if it cannot be secured before then.

Many Americans are convinced that the charges brought against Trump are politically motivated and unfounded.

Trump has argued that his actions on January 6th were protected by presidential immunity, and if a higher court rules in his favor, Smith’s case will be invalidated.

Additionally, any other indictments would be rendered moot if Trump is elected President.

This leaves Democrats with limited time to pursue a conviction before Trump takes office once again; should this occur, they may find themselves on the wrong side of the Department of Justice.

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