This Pregnant Dog Just Gave Birth To A totally Record Breaking Litter…


The average litter size for a Chihuahua is five puppies, but you’re about to meet an amazing and tiny mama who completely shattered the statistics.

Don’t let their small size fool you. Although they are known for being the smallest breed of dog, they can do things greater than their size!

Despite their small size, Chihuahuas have the biggest brain among the rest of their dog family, which makes them highly trainable.

Dawn and Bill Slater had quite a happy household. There were four adults, one teenager, one 7-week-old baby, one collie terrier, and two cats. Oh, and three Chihuahuas.

Dawn and Bill learned that one of their Chihuahuas, Coco, was pregnant. Veterinarians told them to expect an average of five pups.

But once Coco went into labor, they realized the truth was much more astounding.

Knowing that they have nothing to be worried about, the loving couple went home and started preparing for Coco’s delivery. And when the big day finally arrived, Dawn and Bill are more than excited to meet the five babies that will be joining their family.

Hours later, Coco gave birth to five adorable baby Chihuahuas but she did not stop at that. Contrary to what the veterinarian said, it seemed that Coco was on the verge of delivering more.

“When she had the fifth, we thought that was it, then suddenly another started to come out…” Bill recalled how he and Dawn were taken aback by Coco’s record-breaking delivery.

Stunned, Dawn and Bill were more than surprised to see another pup coming out of their precious Coco… and it seems that Coco was just warming up.

After a few more intervals, there came the seventh… the eighth… and the ninth… It was during this moment that the couple admitted how they were starting to fear how Coco’s small body would take the stress of giving birth to more than 5 puppies.

“When we got to the ninth pup he wasn’t well, his bag had burst and we were trying to revive him.” Bill shared his worries in an interview. “We thought to ourselves, this is just impossible, when on earth is it going to stop when the tenth came out.”

Fortunately, Coco’s delivery stopped after the eleventh pup came out into the world. After all, eleven puppies coming from the small frame of a Chihuahua sure is not a joke and could take a toll on their body. Thankfully, Coco is one strong and fierce Chihuahua who survived giving birth to 11 pups unscathed! To top it all, all of her pups are in excellent health condition!

Although Bill and Dawn are more than happy for Coco’s 11 pups, the loving couple admitted that they could not accommodate all of them. Unbeknownst to most people, aside from Coco, they have other Chihuahuas as well, along with a collie terrier and a number of charming cats. With this in mind, Bill and Dawn are looking for a family that could share their warmth and affection with Coco’s pups.

For Coco, all that she could remember is giving birth to 11 pups, but to the world, she sure created history!

Watch the video below for more details:

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