This Is How It’s Done! GOP Governor Candidate Dismantles Liberal Reporters Ambush (VIDEO)


The press has met their match, and they are getting dismantled by the Republican candidate for Governor in Arizona, Kari Lake.

Kari Lake’s campaign in Arizona is gaining momentum, and the left is throwing everything they got at her.

While speaking with the press a reporter asked her if she will be Trump’s Vice President and her answer is one for the ages.

Lake said she wouldn’t accept the VP offer and doesn’t like DC at all.

The Republican candidate then went right after the press adding “it’s funny” they are asking questions like that because weeks ago they were claiming she wasn’t qualified to run for governor.

“Now apparently I’m so skilled that you think I should be VP,” Lake said. “I take it as a compliment thank you for asking.”

Another reporter asked if she had talked to Trump about the position, and she said she talks to Trump often but is applying for the job of governor of Arizona and nothing else.

“Where is Katie Hobbs right now?” Lake said surrounded by the press. “She should be standing right here answering your questions. How often does she talk to you?”

Lake was masterful and handled the press like putty in her hands.

This isn’t the first time Lake has hushed the press.

Recently, a reporter asked, “You say you feel like Joe Biden is dividing the country, but do you feel like Donald Trump is doing the same by falsely telling people he won that election when he lost it?”

“How does that divide the country? Questioning an election where there are obviously problems is dividing the country? Since when can we not ask questions about our elections?” Lake responded.

“As a journalist for many years, I was a journalist after 2016 and I distinctly remember many people just like you asking a lot questions about the 2016 election results,” she added. “And nobody tried to shut you up. Nobody tried to tell Hillary Clinton to shut up. Nobody tried to Kamala Harris when she was questioning the legitimacy of these electronic voting machines to stop.”

“We have freedom of speech in this country and you of all people should appreciate that. You’re supposedly a journalist, you should appreciate that. So, I don’t see how asking question about an election where there are many problems is dividing a country. What I do see as dividing a country is shutting people down, censoring people, canceling people, trying to destroy people’s lives when they do have questions,” she concluded.

Meanwhile, her opponent, Katie Hobbs has taken the Joe Biden approach of remaining in the basement and refusing to debate Lake.


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