‘Thick Blanket Of Amnesia’: Fmr Trump Advisor Blasts Dems Calls To Tap Heating Oil Reserves


We’re entering winter here in the US with some US states already nearing winter temperatures and what do Senate Democrats do? They called for Biden to tap heating oil reserves to seemingly save their rears in the midterms. Democrats want Biden to release oil reserved for heating homes and businesses during the winter months to fight the high cost in fuel.

Former Trump administration adviser Larry Kudlow Slammed Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan Wednesday over her call to tap into the Northeast Home Heating Oil Reserve just to save the midterms.

“Up in New Hampshire, for example, this is so important, electricity rates are soaring, blackouts are threatening, natural gas and home heating oil is short. So what is Democrat Sen. Maggie Hassan’s solution?” Kudlow asked. “Sell more out of Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Also, use the home heating reserve. That’s the wrong answer, that’s a Biden answer. People don’t believe in Biden’s answers anymore.

“He [Biden] is incapable of telling the truth about the economy or the energy situation,” Kudlow added.

Hassan called on the Biden administration to release oil from the Northeast Home Heating Oil Reserve in September with 11 other Senators from New England in order to address surging energy prices. In New Hampshire, home heating oil averages $5.728 a gallon, according to the Energy Information Administration.

Biden can blame Russia and private companies for the high prices in fuel but experts say that it’s Biden’s hostility towards oil that jacked the price up. Biden’s Ahab approach to green energy amid a crisis has put the north under pressure while it already struggles through the winter months. Some started have already begun ration oil as families try to heat their homes, according to Bloomberg.

“How is it that the entire Democratic Party, really, it seems like the entire Democratic Party will not recognize the power, the efficiency, and the importance of the American oil and gas business?” Kudlow asked. “It is like the progressives are suffering from this thick blanket of amnesia that we have a fossil fuel industry at all. That the industry is capable of solving problems, like high prices or fuel shortages.”

“It employs 11 million people. It impacts literally hundreds and hundreds of everyday necessities in our lives. It may be the single most important, urgent answer to the crisis of stagflation,” Kudlow said.


It’s madness that we are in this predicament right now. Especially since Biden killed pipeline plans and refuses to allow companies to drill. More oil would mean lower prices, that’s pretty simple. These ‘quick fix’ options Democrats keep suggesting might help them in the midterms by brining down prices temporarily until after the elections but who might it hurt in the end? Americans.

Erica Carlin is an independent journalist, opinion writer and contributor to several news and opinion sources. She is based in Georgia.

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