They Are No Longer Teaching Students About World War Two For The Most Insane Reason…


A 22-year-old reality TV star and social media “influencer” raised eyebrows on British television when he said teaching kids about World War II is too “intense” and not good for their mental well-being.

Instagram influencer Freddie Bentley recently had some hot takes about teaching kids the history of WWII.

Bentley appeared on “Good Morning Britain” on Friday to debate the topic of WWII education. His opinion? Well, why teach a bunch about WWII when we could be teaching kids about mortgages and others instead.

He also added that it could impact the “mental health” of kids to be informed of the death tolls during battles. I wish I were making this up, but I’m not.

Folks, this is why we shouldn’t make young people famous. They have no idea what the hell they’re talking about. Bentley is out here acting like we can either have WWII education or classes about modern-day life skills.

Here’s a news flash for everybody. You can do both. It’s shockingly easy to teach kids life skills and have history classes all in the same academic year.

I know that might sound crazy, but it’s true.

“It was a hard situation, World War Two, I don’t want anyone to think I’m being disrespectful,” Bentley said. “I remember learning it as a child thinking, ‘Oh my God, it’s so intense.”

According to AWM, because Bentley is a popular figure among young people and social media addicts, he managed to reach a lot of people. Many people on Twitter attacked Bentley’s comments on Twitter:

One person wrote, “You need to learn respect, young man!”

“Are you having a laugh!” one person wrote. “Not talking about the war in school? Not educating them on what went wrong so it doesn’t happen again? You need to learn respect, young man.”

Another person wrote, “This kid on (Good Morning Britain) is an idiot. What has the Second World War got to do with mental health.”

“This made me so angry! Without people fighting that war, then idiots like this kid wouldn’t have the right to do what or be who they want! They fought for our freedom! So, learn about it, you, cretin!”

Watch the video below for more details:

Source: AWM

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