There’s A Secret The Dems Are Trying To Keep Quiet While They Scream About Uvalde


Just remember this the next time you hear liberals railing against the 2nd Amendment and abortion.

Just 10 days after the shooting in Buffalo on the days of the Robbs Elementary shooting the DNC was doing robocalls for Democrat incumbent Rep. Henry Cuellar of Texas 28. The Democrat congressman from south Texas has a positive rating from the NRA and is pro-life.

Recently, Cuellar has modified his positions because he’s being challenged by far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez backed Jessica Cisneros.

After all the rhetoric we’ve heard since the Supreme Court draft and the lecturing Americans have received about the 2nd Amendment the Democrat party has been fundraising and supporting a candidate that supports the exact opposite.

Matter of fact, if it wasn’t for the DNC Cuellar would have lost.

Cuellar declared victory after it was learned that he won by 177 votes however, Cisneros is challenging the election.

“This election is still too close to call, and we are still waiting for every ballot and eligible vote to be counted,” she said in a tweet, shortly after Cuellar declared himself the winner.

The Democrats campaigned for Cuellar because they are already in danger of losing the district which has swung red after Biden’s disastrous border policies strained the community. In the last year, you’ve probably seen Cuellar as the token Democrat on Fox News railing against Biden’s border policies.

Pelosi and her DNC buddies know that if Cuellar loses the primary they are going to lose another seat.

AOC who is trying to get her candidate over the hump is playing the mail-in ballot game and an official winner has yet to be announced but is expected.

From the Texas Tribune:

Cuellar declared victory on election night, but Cisneros has not conceded and told reporters Thursday she is “within reach to go and win this thing.” After speaking with election offices, she said, it is “very clear” there are still hundreds of uncounted mail-in and provisional ballots. Due to the upcoming holiday weekend, many probably will not get counted until early next week, she said.

The whole time Democrats were screaming about abortion and the 2nd Amendment they were supporting a candidate that was pro-life and pro-gun.


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