There’s a Secret Menu Hack At McDonald’s We All Never Realized That…


The discovery left her followers impressed and more than a little shocked…

Mrs. Hinch has left celeb moms stunned after she revealed how kids are supposed to eat a Mcdonald’s Happy Meal.

32-year-old Sophie Hinchcliffe is a social media star that is best known as Mrs. Hinch, and she’s discovered a hack that helps cut down on the washing up.

Mrs. Hinch recently decided to share content about McDonald’s and revealed the one true way people are supposed to eat a Happy Meal.

Mrs. Hinch, exclaimed “WHHHAATTT!” as she began her post explaining her discovery on social media. And after demonstrating the hack just a day ago, she has received a huge reaction from followers, prompting her to add: “Omggg yaaaay I’m not alone why haven’t I done this before now”.

Sharing the clip to her Instagram, Mrs. Hinch tore off the middle strip of a McDonald’s Happy Meal box.

The hack revealed the box is made to turn into a small bowl, with the burger, fries, and toy sitting nicely inside. Creating a tray-like bowl means the kids can still have fun with their meals and parents don’t have to worry about the mess.

She can be heard saying in the clip: “Yep, I was today years old when I realized that you could do this. What have I been doing all my life? I have no idea, but I can promise you now, this has changed my life forever.”

McDonald’s official Instagram account jumped on the popularity of Mrs. Hinch’s post by sharing a comment that stated, “Bonus: the kids think you’re some kind of magician.”

Meanwhile, Mrs. Hinch’s 4.6 million followers were divided on the McDonald’s Happy Meal hack. Some people already knew that you could turn the Happy Meal box into a plate, while others had no clue that it was even possible.

She ended the video by holding up the meal and saying: “I have no idea, but I can promise you now, this has changed my life forever. All the best.” Fans of the blogger were shocked by the hack, as Youtube star Zoe Sugg wrote: “I also DID NOT KNOW THIS!! X”.

Another Instagram user said: “Whaaaat!! Never knew that! That’s gotta be a new thing” while another said: “I’m so using this and mind has blown with this!! I live under a rock or else I’m just old!!”

“Hahaha, yes, I knew this, and it’s pretty life-changing. I bet you didn’t know how to use the happy meal box as a hat! My son [invented] that,” another person wrote.

One fan recalled: “My son would then wear the top of the box as a hat – he did this walking through Paris, calling it his fashion.”

Watch the video below:

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