There’s A New Cooking Trend That May End Up Burning Your House Down…


People have been warned not to take part in an odd viral cooking trend on TikTok that could burn your entire house.

Thousands of TikTok viewers have unleashed their inner Gordon Ramsay after one woman shared a questionable steak-cooking method.

In a viral clip that’s garnered just under 16 million views, Juliette (@itsmeju1iette) showcased a romantic meal for her boyfriend: Steak made in a toaster.

Judging by the TikToker’s previous posts, the toaster method appears to be in the name of fun – and was not intended to be taken seriously. Of course, some viewers missed the memo and proceeded to roast Juliette.

The clip, which has already been watched by millions of people, caused concern over people eating the undercooked meat. The viral footage has also prompted fire crews to voice their concern as they warn people: don’t try it at home.

Firefighters have issued an urgent warning after a video of a girl cooking steak in a toaster went viral.

Sharing the video on their Twitter account, the London Fire Brigade tweeted: “What you having for dinner? This #Electricalsafetyweek we’re reminding people to only use electrical products for their designated use. Don’t cook steaks in a toaster.”

Many Twitter users responding to the video were shocked at what they saw.

One person said: “’How to cook your steak’, more like ‘how to burn your house down’.”

“You must be joking, I can’t believe anyone would really do that!,” said another, while someone else added: “Anyone that would even consider doing this has rocks for brains.”

Seeing the funny side, another person joked: “My toaster doesn’t even toast bread very well, I imagine the steak would still be mooing if I tried that.”

Meanwhile, someone else not only took offense to the way the toaster was being used but what was done to the steak afterward.

 “1. There is no way the steak they put on the plate is the same one that went in the toaster. None at all. 2. Don’t smother good steak with sauce like that. Jesus. 3. Listen to these guys. Don’t burn your house down for s*** steak.”


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