There’s A Lifesaving Feature In Your Car That Hardly Anyone Even Knows About….


In a world where roads were bustling with cars and their occupants, everyone longed for a safe ride…

The wise car manufacturers, aware of people’s desires, ensured that each car they crafted contained numerous safety features to protect families as they ventured through their daily lives. For, after all, while one could not control the actions of other drivers, one could certainly control their own.

Yet, as advanced and high-tech as these safety features were, their true potential remained unrealized by many. The guardians of the road, the police officers, observed this unfortunate phenomenon and were determined to enlighten the people about a crucial, yet often overlooked, safety feature present in every car.

Officer John Perrine of the Indiana State Police Department was one such guardian. His dedication to serving the public was unwavering, and upon realizing that this simple car feature was often ignored, he took matters into his own hands. With his trusty phone, he recorded a video showcasing this lifesaving innovation.

“Dear friends,” he began, “what if I told you there exists a feature in every car, so simple and unassuming, that it has the power to prevent crashes and even curb the fury of the road?”

Officer Perrine, now with everyone’s rapt attention, approached his car to reveal the location of this seemingly magical feature. Accessible to any driver, this unassuming stick jutted out from the steering wheel, and it was called the “turning signal.”

With a straight face, Officer Perrine explained the importance of this well-known yet underused feature. Observant drivers would have noticed others failing to use their turn signals at stop signs or when changing lanes on the highway, endangering everyone on the road.

“Alas,” lamented Officer Perrine, “the simple task of using the turning signal is often forsaken for the sake of holding coffee, cell phones, or other distractions.”

He continued, “Not only is it the law to use your turn signal, but it is also a matter of proper etiquette. To prevent accidents and diffuse road rage, simply use your turn signal when changing lanes or making a turn.”

Officer Perrine’s plea to his fellow road travelers was heartfelt: “Please, use your turn signal.”

With more and more drivers taking to the roads each year, it was of utmost importance that everyone did their part to stay safe. Accidents were inevitable, but by neglecting to use the turning signal, one was knowingly putting themselves in harm’s way.

So, let us heed the wise words of Officer Perrine, and remember to use our turn signals while navigating the roads of our daily lives. For it is through small acts of courtesy and responsibility that we may safeguard ourselves and our loved ones on this ever-changing, winding journey we call life.

WATCH the video below for more details:

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