The Restaurant REFUSED To Split A Check 25 Ways, Then The Police Were Called….


Well, there is a family who just experienced their worst time in a restaurant and now everyone can see it on Twitter and TikTok.

Money is a tough matter, and people often don’t react well when asked to contribute towards a bill. Splitting a bill can undeniably be a source of conflict among friends, especially if a few try to avoid contributing a dime. However, it can also be a conflict in some restaurants where they refuse to split bill. As an incident transpired in a Georgia restaurant.

An argument broke out after a group of 25 people who were celebrating a woman’s 30th birthday received a bill for more than $2200, it sparked a misunderstanding.

The situation became so tense that the police were called. TikTok clips uploaded by a woman identified as Key showed the group celebrating her sister named Quandresha Brinkley at the Louisiana Bistreaux Seafood Kitchen in East Point, Georgia. A large group had gathered at the restaurant.

Now, the group decided to pay in separate checks but after receiving the bill, the restaurant refused to split up the group’s $2,200 bill.

Key revealed that Brinkley had arranged appointments in advance and had even discussed sharing the bill with restaurant workers, the manager had even opined fewer credit cards. Several people could be seen speaking with the restaurant management as the group was seen in a video sitting in the establishment with police present nearby. The manager said she could take beverages off the bill but couldn’t divide the remainder of the tab.

According to Key, the restaurant manager told Brinkley, saying, “She said to have fewer credit cards but make sure people have cash.”

As the manager attempted to explain the situation involving the drinks, Key further showed the $2,204.30 bill to an officer, who laughed at the scene. Key and Quandresha both complained that the restaurant staff wasn’t accommodating enough to the group, despite the fact that the dinner was supposed to start at around 6 p.m. Yet when Key showed up at the party at around 8 o’clock, food still hadn’t arrived.

Most people were complaining. Nobody had food.” Key, a nail technician said.

Key claimed that none of the “two to three plates” that eventually arrived belonged to anyone, so the check had to be returned several times when the dishes showed up on the final bill. Key claimed that attendees were forced to walk to a nearby hotel to withdraw cash and make payments because many older guests didn’t have Cash App and needed to use cash.

“A lot of people felt like they were getting ripped off,” Key said.

Most often, the way the restaurants handled the guests led to a number of people choosing to leave the party and not paying for their food, leaving Brinkley to pay a large portion of the tab out of her own pocket.

Key said that “The bill did get paid.”

 “Her [Brinkley’s] friends brought other friends, and they were the ones that ran. My sister paid money out of her pocket. She did make a reservation, and she did talk about splitting the bill beforehand.”

Before even giving the party the proper bill, the restaurant dialed 911. However, officers reportedly told Key to post about the incident and describe how they’ve been treated.

Key said, “He said, ‘Go on social media about it and tell them about the restaurant. Go to social media about how they treated y’all.’”

Watch the video below for more details:

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