The Liberals Tears Surrounding Martha’s Vineyard Gets Even Juicer After New Details Are Learned (VIDEO)


The drama surrounding illegal immigrants being sent to sanctuary cities and Martha’s Vineyard is getting even juicer as new details are learned about whose sending them.

According to a statement released by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, the two planes that left from Texas were redirected by Florida governor Ron DeSantis, and the Lone Star state appreciated “the support.”

“Our office has had conversations with Governor DeSantis and his team about supporting our busing strategy to provide much-needed relief to our overwhelmed and overrun border communities. Though we were not involved in these initial planes to Martha’s Vineyard, we appreciate the support in responding to this national crisis and helping Texans,” a spokesperson said in a statement. “Governor Abbott encourages and welcomes all his fellow governors to engage in this effort to secure the border and focus on the failing and illegal efforts of the Biden-Harris Administration to continue these reckless open border policies.”

NBC 10 Boston discovered that it was Florida that helped cover the cost:

NBC10 Boston reached out to the head of Ultimate Jet and DeSantis’ office to figure out who paid for the flights. DeSantis’ spokesperson acknowledges in a statement that Florida’s legislature has appropriated $12 million dollars to implement a program to facilitate the transport of illegal immigrants from this state consistent with federal law.

But there is more to the story, which is ironic and hilarious.

Democrat-run El Paso, Texas, admitted to Fox News that they have been bussing illegal migrants to New York City since August 23rd. The city signed a contract worth about $2 million to bus illegals to NYC. Oh, and there’s another kicker the Democrat-run city is using federal funds from FEMA to do it.

Transportation methods include charter buses and flights out of El Paso International Airport. Since Aug. 23, the city has spent more than $600,000 on transportation for migrants.

“The travel costs for migrants are covered through FEMA’s emergency food and shelter grant on a reimbursement basis,” a statement from the city read. “The City/OEM submits for reimbursement on a quarterly basis as the process dictates,” the statement went on to read.

As of Tuesday, the Office of Emergency Management has sponsored 28 charter buses to New York City since Aug. 23. The city said New York City is the preferred destination for those without any means to travel.

Late last week, KFOX14 learned there are four to five buses going out a day.

There is some irony for you, a Democrat-run city is using federal funds to send busloads of illegals to New York City.

The crisis is so bad that the Mayor isn’t even hiding that he is sending buses to NYC.


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