Thanks To Buttigieg The Biden Admin Is Causing More Mayhem


Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg continues to cause mayhem; if you don’t believe it, just walk into an airport.

The weekend of August 6, 2022, saw nearly 8,000 flights delayed due to pilot and staffing shortages.

Airline employees are warning that if something doesn’t change, the industry will have a “breakdown.” Flight-attendant union rep Allie Malis from American Airlines explains how deep the crisis is:

“There’s some kind of breakdown happening that I believe should be preventable. Sometimes the passengers are cheering that you’re arriving because it means their plane’s going to go, or even that they’re upset — they think it’s your fault that the flight has been delayed when you can’t work two flights at once, although I’m sure the airlines wish we could…Why would anyone want to apply to be a flight attendant or any other airline worker when we’re kind of getting worked to the bone?”

“We, as flight attendants, we’re right there with our passengers, we’re in it with them, we feel their frustrations firsthand, if not even more because this has happened to us so frequently since we fly for a living,” she asserted.

Reacting to a claim from the airline industry that staff absenteeism is contributing to the disruption, Malis added that “Flight attendants are being maxed out, working the longest days we’ve had, with the shortest rest periods overnight that we’ve had and that does get you sick, that does lead to exhaustion and fatigue and weakens your immune system.”

Can we just rewind back about a year? Remember when Biden demanded that airlines enforce a vaccine mandate on their staff and people left their jobs?

Now look at what’s going on.

Biden and his minions are causing economic disarray.

Recently, even Democrats pressed Buttiegieg over the deepening crisis, and all he had to say was airlines should give a cash refund. However, after the hearing, he did nothing.



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