Texas Newest Move In Immigration Battle Has NYC Mayor Seething, ‘I Hope He Follows Through With…


Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton warned Democrats that what he planned to do was not a publicity stunt.

In April 2022, Paxton said, “I wish it was only a publicity stunt. She doesn’t understand the reality, or doesn’t care about the reality, of what’s happening on the Texas border. And then, ultimately, what’s happening to all of our states, because really every state is a border state now, affected by what’s going on along the border. Because we have a massive increase in drug overdoses, we have had COVID spread around, we’ve had all kinds of crime issues. This is a real issue. This is not a publicity stunt by the governor.”

Shortly after that, Texas began bussing illegal immigrants to Washington DC however, now the state has decided to send illegal immigrants to the sanctuary city of New York.

“The 1st bus of migrants has arrived in NYC. Biden refuses to do his job, so Texas continues to take unprecedented action to secure our border. NYC is the ideal destination for these migrants. They can receive the services Mayor Adams has boasted about w/in the sanctuary city,” Abbott wrote.

“I hope he follows through on his promise of welcoming all migrants with open arms so that our overrun and overwhelmed border towns can find relief,” Abbott added about Adams in his official press release.

Adams is furious.

“Governor Greg Abbott is continuing to play with the lives of human beings. We think this is cruel, it’s disgusting and it’s pure cowardice,” said Manuel Castro, commissioner of the mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs after the first bus from Texas arrived.

Now Adams is starting to feel the pinch Texas border communities are feeling.

“We already have a housing crisis. Help us here because not only it’s housing, it’s translation services, it’s education, it is food,” he said.



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