Teachers Unions In BIG TROUBLE After Spying Ring Is Uncovered


Since June of 2020, the grassroots organization ReOpen California has battled school districts to push for students to return to in-person teaching.

The California Teachers Association claims they are “dedicated in the fight for equal access, justice, and resources for all of California’s students, teachers, and classrooms.”

It has now been discovered that the CTA and the United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA) spied on parents.

From RedState:

ReOpen California Schools submitted a public records request that has struck gold. Records of emails between a CTA researcher and union-related activists show that while ReOpen California Schools and other organizations like Let Them Breathe were in the midst of their fight to reopen the schools to in-person learning without the restrictions of masks or the threat of vaccine mandates, CTA tasked a researcher to spy on one particular parent group in San Diego.

Strategic Research Specialist Ann Swinburn seems to be involved in the process of digging up information on parents that were part of the lawsuits against Gov. Newsom and the CTA to reopen schools.

One of the emails indicates that they had other parents acting as informants.

Hi Ann,

Thank you for reaching out. We have been collecting information and we would be very happy to share/collaborate. May we please include another parent or two who have been monitoring and helping collect this information? Perhaps we can try to coordinate a Zoom or other online meeting to share?


The woman below was one of the parents the unions targeted.

So far, no further legal action has been announced, but its possible parents may organize and sue the unions.


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