Smoking Hot Country BABE Shows Us She’s a Hard-Working ‘Goal Digger’


“Bougie Country Girl Boss Babe” Brandi Snyder is more than just a gorgeous model that graces her fanbase with frequent content.

She also describes herself as a “multi-tasker, creator, and CEO,” which already sounds pretty impressive…but it gets better.

Snyder created a country-based website and podcast where she would post content of her interviewing big names in the country music industry.

Additionally, she created her own cosmetics company and liquor brand, both of which she has sold off.

She currently owns and operates a eyebrow business that specializes in microblading…and all photography for the company is done by her.

Not to mention her creating her own modernized version of Playboy magazine called Habit Magazine.

And this isn’t even all of the jobs, tasks, and responsibilities this beautiful model and mother-of-three has under her belt…she details more of her endeavors on her very own website.

Snyder really encourages people to “go do absolutely everything you want to do” even if it doesn’t work out or you may not enjoy the process of creating something.

This country babe really is an inspiration to all to become a “goal digger.”


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