Six Words Biden Proudly Bragged In March Are Now Haunting Him, ‘No Problems A Gallon Of Gas Is…


In March 2022, we reported what Biden said about fuel prices when the national average was around $4 a gallon.

What was most egregious was when Biden ranted that “a gallon of gas is down 14%.”

When Biden made those comments, prices were still rising, and they didn’t stop rising.

As usual, after claiming record-high gas prices are “no problem” he walked off the stage and did not take questions from reporters.

Americans are furious…

After a summer from hell gas prices are marching up again because Joe killed US oil production and the Saudis are limiting supply.

From the Associated Press:

A statement issued by the Saudi Foreign Ministry didn’t specifically mention the Nov. 8 elections in which U.S. President Joe Biden is trying to maintain his narrow Democratic majority in Congress. However, it stated that the U.S. “suggested” the cuts be delayed by a month. In the end, OPEC announced the cuts at its Oct. 5 meeting in Vienna.

Holding off on cuts would have meant implementing them just before the election — at a time when they likely couldn’t drastically influence prices at the pump.

President Biden is learning the age-old lesson: “What goes around comes around.”

The Democrats thought they could make the election about cultural issues like abortion but it’s hard to get upset about social issues when you can barely afford to get to work.


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