She Was Canceled By Everyone For ‘Conspiracy Theory’ About Pfizer CEO But She Was RIGHT All Along


In today’s episode of COVID conspiracy theories come true, it turns out independent journalist Emerald Robinson was right all along.

Emerald Robinson was banned on Twitter and even sidelined by Newsmax for a bit after they became uncomfortable with her reports about the mRNA vaccine.

Shortly before she was permanently banned from Twitter, Robinson posted that the CEO of Pfizer had to cancel his planned trip to Israel because he wasn’t vaccinated.

There was a media frenzy after her post.

Twitter posted a “fact-check” with a “context warning.” The Dispatch wrote a full-page rebuttal, and she was called “a frequent purveyor of bad information.”

“A frequent purveyor of bad information tweeted yesterday that the CEO of Pfizer had to “cancel a planned trip to Israel because he was not fully vaccinated.” The Pfizer CEO was fully vaccinated in March. A fact-check from the Dispatch.”

Note that in Emerald’s original post, she never said Bourla wasn’t vaccinated but reported he canceled because, at the time, he wasn’t vaccinated.

A year later, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla’s new book admits that the Israel trip was canceled because he wasn’t vaccinated. It was the fact check that was fake news all along.

There is also an interesting passage in the book claiming that Netanyahu’s wife was shocked that Bourla wasn’t vaccinated yet.

The excerpt has also revealed that Pfizer lied as well.

So there you have it, another right-wing “conspiracy theory” turns out to be true all along.



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