She Set Up A Hidden Camera And Caught Her Husband In The Act With Their Young….


A video revealing what a husband really gets up to while babysitting is quickly going viral and it’s all because of his… dance moves?

The man’s wife, known only as Rejuena, from the United States according to Daily Mail, set up a hidden camera so she could capture cute, candid moments from her young children.

She intended to send the clips to the children’s grandmother. But the main attraction wasn’t who she expected.

Photo Credit: Rumble Viral

In the video, the man, who isn’t named, is seen holding pom poms while dancing to Katy Perry’s hit Extraterrestrial and performing a word-perfect mime to his delighted children.

At the start of the footage, the dad appears to be getting household chores while his toddler daughter dances to the song with pom-poms while the couple’s baby is seen in the corner in a baby bouncer.

But the dad abandons his job to start an improvised dance routine and mimes along to the karaoke on the screen.

Photo Credit: Rumble Viral

Coming in from “off stage,” he drops the box he was planning to carry into the room to make his dramatic entrance by breaking out into the ultimate dad dance move of all time: the robot. From there we see some ballerina (ish) moves, some divalicious neck extensions, a couple of flexing/superman-esq poses, and even some cheerleading skills.

Bending his knees, the dad continues to perform a sassy routine with the pom poms.

When his daughter takes one back, he continues twirling it, and then when he’s had enough, simply drops it on the floor like a microphone and walks off.

Photo Credit: Rumble Viral

Both children can’t help themselves from giggling uncontrollably before dad drops the mic pom-pom and makes his big exit.

This man’s incredible showcase gives our other favorite dance dad some serious competition.

Watch dad’s amazing dance moves below:

Sources: OpposingViews, Daily Mail

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