She Left Her Son With No Food For Nine Days, Her Excuse Will Make You See Red…


A Florida woman decided to leave her little son alone at home while she went out for a few days.

39-year-old mother Autumn Lee Beede was out enjoying the time of her life on an unidentified binge, but she neglected to provide the young child with access to running water, electricity, or food. She just told the boy to take care of himself, which he might have been able to do.

The child, whose age was redacted from the report, but witnesses, told authorities that he was without adult supervision, running water, or electricity from February 5 to February 14, 2020. After speaking with the deputy, the boy explained that the water and electricity had been turned off due to unpaid payments, leaving him with little choice but to ask friends and neighbors for food and water.

The youngster claimed that Beede was aware that he was living alone, but he had not spoken to her since December 2019. Her most recent delivery of pastries to the house was on February 14, but he did not see her on that day.

Shortly afterward, the sheriff’s deputies arrested the 39-year-old mother. Two weeks after the boy was discovered living in appalling conditions without any supervision; she was ultimately arrested for the crime. Beede has been charged with child neglect.

The neglectful mother was taken into custody but was released pending her trial after posting her $5,000 bond. When it’s time for her to face her conduct, she will have to return to the courtroom at the Escambia County location.

Sheriff’s deputies came and were immediately struck by a scent that entered their noses. The house apparently had a “heavy odor of fecal matter.” From February 5 through February 14, the youngster was left in the Florida house’s appalling conditions.

The child told authorities that he’d been living with an adult male until Feb. 5, when that man was incarcerated, the boy’s relationship with the male is unclear, and his relationship with Beede was also redacted from the report.

Since December 23, 2019, the victim told police that he had not seen Beede in person. Police were also informed by one of the witnesses that she had spoken to Beede about the child and the appalling living conditions. Beede allegedly told the witness to keep her own matters to herself and to quit interfering with them.

However, a picture of Beede and the boy waiting outside a movie theater was shared by a male friend of hers a week after the welfare check. She seemed to be attempting to put things right. Although whether this child was the one living in an abandoned home has not yet been confirmed.

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