She Invited Folks Into Her Tiny Trailer For The First Time, What It Looks Like On The Inside Is Absolutely Amazing…


When Sharon retired from her career as a pharmacist in May 2014, the “gypsy at heart” decided to take her life in a whole new direction. She bought herself a 2015 T@B M@x S model teardrop trailer and embarked on a nomadic lifestyle which she tows with her awesome-looking Jeep Wrangler.

In order to drive and travel while taking pleasure in her new life, Sharon chose to live a nomadic lifestyle over spending her days locked up in her home like other people her age. The reason Sharon refers to it as her “tall teardrop” is that it differs from traditional teardrop trailers in that it has a standing area and an interior height of 5’9″ at its tallest point, which is ideal for her 5’4″ height. It consists of 1,670 pounds altogether.

Sharon gave this purchase a lot of thought. She was considering the rig that would be perfect for her adventures when she visited the RTR in January 2012.

The retired woman previously owned four larger travel trailers, and she wasn’t sure if she wanted to tow again or attempt a small RV or van as her next mobile residence.

Because she enjoys driving her Jeep, Sharon didn’t want to part with it. Despite the fact that Jeeps are not recognized for being great tow vehicles and have a restricted towing capacity, Sharon was pleasantly surprised by how nicely the Jeep towed her teardrop trailer! She wouldn’t even notice it was there unless she checked her mirror, even if it slows down on slopes.

She may store her other stuff that won’t fit in the trailer in the vehicle’s spacious back area because it has four doors. The teardrop trailer is a great vehicle if you want to try the nomadic lifestyle, it comes with a toilet and wet bath that she can use while standing.

In terms of power, Sharon has two sources. One uses 135 watts of solar power panels, and the other plug the trailer into an electrical outlet.

Despite having a two-burner stove in her kitchen, Sharon prefers to prepare food outside since she finds that it helps her to relax. Additionally, it prevents her trailer from smelling like food. Her trailer has a big visor and numerous windows that let sunlight and air in.

Her trailer comes with a large visor and lots of windows, allowing sunlight and air to go through.

On chilly evenings, Sharon turns on the radiator that sends heat via the vents to keep herself warm. In cooler evenings, Sharon keeps herself warm by turning on the radiator that emits heat through the vents. She also has a propane heater that heats in approximately two to three minutes. Additionally, she has a propane heater that warms up in two to three minutes.

As for her sleeping arrangements, Sharon has a couch that folds down into a bed. She just left it as is so she won’t have to clean it up all the time.

The trailer is not intended to offer Sharon total comfort. Instead, the objective is to open up the open road for her. As she takes a road trip throughout the United States, stopping at her favorite locales and potential new loves, she wants to be able to carry something home with her.

When CheapRVliving featured Sharon and her TAB trailer on their well-liked YouTube channel, Sharon became a household name. Even in the TikTok and Instagram era, the video of her car has received more than one million views since it was posted in 2016.

Watch the video below for more details:

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