She Has Slept With Over 700 Men And She Said Her Biggest Regret Was….


A reformed sex addict who has slept with more than 700 men has revealed how she hit rock bottom when a partner turned violent during a horrific encounter – and she now runs empowerment boot camps to help others overcome their addiction.

Belinda ‘Love’ Rygier, a former Bachelor contestant, also admitted that her wild lifestyle put a strain on her friendships, as she dumped her pals in the evenings to have casual sex – and even tried to meet up at her local supermarket.

In an interview with Daily Mail Australia, Belinda, who appeared on 2017’s ‘The Bachelor Australia’ revealed that she is eight years into her recovery and that she has been celibate for 15 months.

The reformed sex addict revealed that her wild lifestyle ended up affecting her friendships as she ditched them several times so that she could engage in casual sex.

Belinda shared that from nightclubs to supermarkets, she would hook up with random guys anywhere possible. Speaking of how she hit rock bottom, the love coach stated that her out-of-control addiction came to a head when one of these men became abusive but was later informed that she could not press charges as she had scratched the man while defending herself. Now recovering, Belinda, runs empowerment bootcamps to help others beat their addiction.

Recalling her abusive relationship, Belinda told Daily Mail, “When he pushed me down the stairs and locked me in the garage, I had a black eye and they thought my hand was broken.” The 38-year-old added, “It was pretty bad. I went to work and they sent me home. The police came and they said because he had a scratch on his arm from my ring, after I tried to get him off me, we could both go to jail for domestic violence.”

Intending to battle her sex addiction, the TV star, and sex educator then started counseling and self-development work to better understand the psychology behind her compulsive behavior. “That was my turning point. I thought, “I have to help myself. That’s where the journey began, and it was a very quick transformation. Once you decide [to change], it happens very quickly,” said Belinda.

The incident marked a turning point and encouraged her to unpack her emotions, along with her perceptions of love and sex.

This journey led to her launching her own healing boot camps, where she teaches self-esteem and how to establish healthy, respectful relationships.

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