She Gave Birth In The Back Of A Taxi, Then The Taxi Company Did Something That….


It is not always easy for a woman to deal with a pregnancy. It is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to a woman, but for future mothers, there are ups and downs during the 9 months of pregnancy and, above all, at the moment of childbirth. This moment is always a very special one and every woman giving birth would like to be assisted when doing so.

But some babies come into the world earlier than expected. This can be a problem and one which happened to the subject of this story.

26-year-old Farah Cacanindin is a young mother who gave birth to her baby in a very strange place. The pregnant woman had just had a routine checkup at a hospital and she hailed a taxi to go back home. But, after only spending 5 minutes in the taxi, something completely unexpected happened. The young woman went into labor and her waters broke.

The stunned taxi driver asked her if he should pull over, but Farah told him to drive back to the hospital, confident that she would arrive in time to give birth. But things did not work out like this, and the woman gave birth to her baby, Naia, in the back seat of the taxi. In the meantime, the driver alerted the hospital to get ready for the mother and daughter to arrive. Shortly afterwards, they did.

Little Naia eventually arrived at the hospital wrapped in her mum’s jacket to be checked out by nurses.

After the hospital staff was certain mom and daughter were okay, they were allowed to go home, only for Farah to find she had a huge bill from the taxi company.

She revealed she had been charged £30 ($36) for the journey itself, and an extra £60 ($73) for the cleaning bill.

Farah, who is also mom to 15-month-old son Kairo, told The Sun:

“I understand that I did make a mess but it’s a bit cheeky to have charged me. It was the quickest labour ever. My waters broke five minutes into the journey.The driver asked if I wanted him to pull over but I said to keep going as I believed I would make it before she was born.”

The new mom went on to describe the whole experience as ‘surreal’, as she added:

“I didn’t have a chance to be scared. The funny thing is the taxi firm is just down our road. I see the van I gave birth in right outside my house.”

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