She Gave Birth In A Taxi, What The Taxi Company Gave Her Is Absolutely….


Anyone expecting a baby knows that it is a good idea to have a plan in place for when labor starts, but the problem is, you never know when a baby is going to want to come out.

It’s something one mom learned recently while she was in a cab on her way to a routine check-up. Five minutes into the 13-mile ride, she went into labor. So the taxi driver called the hospital informing them of the situation so that they had everything ready. However, that did not happen and the young woman ended up giving birth to her baby inside the vehicle.

26-year-old Farah Cacanindin lives in a town in High Wycombe, in the county of Buckinghamshire, and her doctor is at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, in the community of Aylesbury, about 20 kilometers away.

When the driver asked her if she wanted her to stop, she told him “to keep going because he believed he would make it before she was born,” she went on to explain.

Farah told The Sun,

“It was the quickest labor ever. My water broke five minutes into the journey. The driver asked if I wanted him to pull over but I said to keep going as I believed I would make it before she was born.” She didn’t so they arrived at the hospital with a newborn, wrapped in a jacket, as shocked nurses greeted them. Farah said, “It was surreal. I didn’t have a chance to be scared.”

A few days later, Farah got the bill from the taxi company. 

The taxi driver who had helped Farah give birth had sent her a bill for the trip. It was for $100$34 for the fare and the other $66 for a cleaning charge.

“I understand that I made a mess, but it’s a bit cheeky that he charged me,” said Farah .

He also added that the company that brought him to the hospital, “Arrow Taxis”, is located a few meters from his house, so from her door, she can frequently see the vehicle in which her young daughter was born.

She explained, “The funny this is the taxi firm is just down our road. I see the van I gave birth in right outside my house.”

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