Schiff Sticks His Foot In His Mouth Proving What The War Against Trump Is Really All About


Rep. Adam Schiff stuck his foot in his mouth and revealed what the war against Trump is really all about.

The Left hates Trump because he whipped them in the 2016 election, he beat them when they launched fake scandals, and they believe he should never have been president. With that in mind, they believe they have the moral high ground to stop Trump at all costs.

“We have seen a pattern with Donald Trump, and that is when he’s not held accountable,” Rep. Adam Schiff said. “He goes on to commit worse misconduct. He wasn’t held accountable for his Russia misconduct that led to Ukraine. He wasn’t held accountable for the worst misconduct in Ukraine that led to a literal attack on our democracy on January 6.”

“If he’s not held accountable and ever given an opportunity to exercise power again, we can expect things that are worst still. We are forewarned about this man.”

He added, “We always knew the importance of character in the Oval Office, but we didn’t really know until we had someone without character occupy that office. So, I have to think that whatever motivation brought those documents to Mar-a-Lago had nothing to do with the president wanting to do his homework or the national security needs of the country. There’s only one thing that’s ever been important to Donald Trump, and that is Donald Trump. And that’s just — ought to be an utter disqualification from office.”

There you have it, according to Schiff, “Donald Trump is mean so he shouldn’t be president.”

The raid has backfired on Democrats, and a new poll conducted after the raid is giving Republican candidates like JD Vance a huge lead.


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