Schiff Gets Shifty Files Amendments To Coverup Dems Schemes Before Midterms


Here comes the coverup!

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) is filing amendments to cover up what he and his cronies have been up to.

Knowing that the red wave is on the horizon Schiff is on Capitol Hill filing an Amendment to the NDAA that will cover up their collusion with deep state agencies that have been going after Republicans.

The Amendment would allow Defense Secretary Austin the ability to decline requests from the GOP about Afghanistan, woke policies, vaccine mandates, and their corrupt January 6th investigation.

The news was first discovered by attorney Julie Kelly who is representing January 6th defendants.

Conservative writer JD Rucker also reported that the amendment would also create a shield for Congress allowing them to coverup wrongdoing in the furture:

This amendment would also work in helping to coverup future wrongdoing by Congress. All they have to do is insert intelligence obtained by the military into any source material they want hidden and it cannot be brought to light in hearings. So this isn’t just about keeping a future Republican-controlled Congress from exposing the Democrats’ past wrongdoings. It’s a way for Democrats to continue down the dark, anti-American path they’re currently heading all the way up to the day Nancy Pelosi hands the gavel to the next Speaker of the House.

You can tell by the way Democrats are acting that their organization is falling apart and now they are trying to cover their tracks.


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