Rush Limbaugh Said It 1992 Debating Al Gore & It Holds True Today (VIDEO)


In 1992, conservative commentator and radio powerhouse Rush Limbaugh debated then-Senator Al Gore about climate change, and what he said in 1992 hold true today.

The debate took place on ABC Nightline, hosted by Ted Koppel. During the debate, Rush called out Gore’s global warming claims, but there was even some deeper that Limbaugh discussed that was a precursor to where we are today.

“We now face a global ecological crisis that is more serious than anything human civilization has ever faced, and there’s a problem of scale here. To discuss, uh, the friction in the passage and implementation of some of the laws on the local environment — and to weigh at the same time that against this unprecedented global crisis — I think presents a — a problem of scale. When you talk about military matters, you talk about local conflicts, regional theaters of action, and strategic conflicts, same with the environment. You’ve got local environmental problems; regional problems, like acid rain,” Gore said. The Democrat Senator then went out to talk about the hole in the ozone layer (remember, this is 1992).

In response, Rush quickly dismissed Gore’s claims about the hole in the ozone (which, by the way, is getting smaller) and got to the heart of the issue.

“There is no ozone hole above the United States and if we want to get into a detailed discussion of ozone depletion we can, but I think, Ted, that there is not a crisis. See, this is the problem I have,” Rush said.  “I don’t think the earth is fragile. I don’t think the ecology is fragilely balanced and I think that the doomsday industry that is typified by members of the Hollywood acting community who say, ‘We’ve only got ten years left to save our planet, we’ve gotta act now,’ there’s no way, if what these people say is true, that we could solve these problems in ten years anyway. It’s budget time in Washington; NASA is being cut, and I think that this fright and doom scenario is designed to frighten people. Everything in this country today seems to be crisis. I can’t do anything without having to face it as a crisis. We don’t have any time to think about it.”

Boom, there it is; never let a crisis go to waste.


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