Proof Of Disarray Inside The White House After Report About Major Shake Up


The White House talking points can say what they want, but it doesn’t hide the fact that the Biden Administration is a complete failure. There’s a new report that in an attempt to get things on track the White House is preparing a major shake-up.

Axios is reporting that top White House officials are not happy with how some Cabinet officials and senior advisors have performed and are planning on giving them the boot.

On the chopping block is Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Brian Deese, the director of the National Economic Council.

Axios reported:

The decision is not final and is expected to hinge on the outcome of the midterm elections, sources familiar with the matter told Axios. Yellen’s successor will need to be confirmed by the Senate, posing a challenge if the Republican Party takes control of the upper chamber. [….]
Deese, speaking at the Economic Club of D.C. on Tuesday, said he had “no plans to leave” the Biden administration.

“I’ve got my head down, and I’m certainly fully, fully absorbed in the work we’re doing,” Deese added.

Treasury spokeswoman Lily Adams said Yellen has no plans to leave.

The White House did not respond to a comment request.

Both Yellen and Deese have taken heat for claiming that inflation was “transitory.”

Who can forget Deese’s comments about the price of meat.

There is another crisis on the horizon.

It is anyone’s guess what the price of a gallon of gas is going to be after Joe Biden drains what’s left of our strategic oil reserves.




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